Student Life Cycle Management

Information Technology making such a vital contribution in every part of our life. Now it is high time we must exploit potential of Information Technology to collaborate Resources, Information  to deliver better efficiency, transparency and detailed progressive analysis for education and academics.

There is heavy research and continuous improvement about Product Lifecycle Management, Project LifeCycle Management. There are various theories, implementation techniques, online tools and analysis patterns have been discovered about Product and Project LifeCycle Management. On very similar lines one needs to study and implement Student LifeCycle Management.

We have huge investment coming from public, private and government sectors in education and academics. Investment in Education has long term achievements in terms of development of Individuals, Institutions, Organizations and Society. We must put our efforts in planning education, implementing education and analysing the deviation for future planning. This is only with Education LifeCycle Management. A basic building block for such Education LifeCycle Management is STUDENT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT.

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