Multiple Admissions of a Student

Once you have enrolled student at your institute our main focus is to give him best academics, efficient administration and detailed evalaution of his progress. Once institute have conviction in delivering qaulity education to students; it results in satisfied students.

Satisfied student is a loyal customer. If Institute is capable of delivering more education to student, student also preferes taking more courses from the same institute.

By having a satisfied student, Institute create an opportunity to deliver more courses to ready audiance.
Agam Edu Enables you to track how much of your students coming back to your institute for the taking more courses.

In simple words “single student multiple admissions”.

If Institute is able to deliver qaulity and value education to student then Student is moral tied to institute for his upbrigging and growth. Student tend to go back to same instiute seeking for advance courses and specialization. In such a case if institute is capable of delivering expectation of students, then institute stands a great opportunity to have auidinance for their advance courses with out much marketing and advertising.

Agam Edu has been designed to retain a student at your institute for more and more enrolments and admissions. We have categorically given importance for creating single student multiple enrolments.

Student Id and his basic profile remains the same. Particular student profile gets appended with more admissions and enrolments to different courses, services, study materials, facilities and infrastructure of that institute. Enrolments to these various services offered by institute gets chronologically archived under student profile.

This unique feature of Agam Edu enable institute to track how much loyal is their student with institute. Our tool quantitatively keep monitoring students multiple enrolments with your institute and gives very handy reports.

Agam Edu has been developed keeping this core idea at mind that institute will certainly have students with multiple admissions and enrollments for various courses and services. And if Institute is taking Student Life cycle seriously, then institute will want a provision to build a student profile with all the information systematically archived with chronological references.

It is of prime importance to have single student profile with all his admissions well archived. Unique Student ID for every student across all his admissions. Agam edu very carefuly ensures if the same student should not be entered again as fresh student but his all new admission gets attached to previously exsisting student.

For Student’s point of view; It is easy for his to remeber single student ID rather than remembering multiple admission Ids or Enrollment ids.

Student ID is simple alphanumber string generated by System. For a definate purpose we are not concatinating any branch code, course code or Aacedmic year with student ID, because sigle student id will have multiple admissions of that students attached. Student ID is specific to student. and irrespective of his multiple enrollments.

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