Coaching & Training Institutes vs Schools and Colleges

Educational Institutes scale and structure is becoming wider, deeper and broader in every sense. Educational sector is no more just conventional School colleges, but far more than that, with various unconventional institutes, e.g. Vocational Training, Skill Training, Coaching Classes, Tuition, Competitive Exam Preparation and many more…

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What is Student Life Cycle Management?

Let us first understand what is LifeCycle Management. Life Cycle Management means governing an object from its inception through its growth, maturity and clearance. We do LifeCycle management to track, analyse and improve in order to achieve.

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Student Life Cycle Management

Information Technology making such a vital contribution in every part of our life. Now it is high time we must exploit potential of Information Technology to collaborate Resources, Information  to deliver better efficiency, transparency and detailed progressive analysis for education and academics.

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