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Covid19 Lock Down period and Coaching Classes

Covid19 Lock Down period and Coaching Classes Coaching classes and training institutes are based on concept where students are brought together and taught concepts and skills of common interest. But the whole bringing students together is not possible physically, so how do educational institutes, coaching classes survive during lock down period.    What we coaching […]

Flourishing Franchisees Education

Flourishing Franchisees Education I believe two major rules apply to flourishing franchises : 1. Increasing revenue of Franchisees 2. Increasing dependency of Franchisee on HO First Rules ensures Franchisees are motivated to stay with Brand. And Second rules make sure that parent brand is Getting the Franchisees Motivation for Franchisees Dependence of franchisees Firstly if […]

LMS for Educational Institutes with franchisees

LMS for Educational Institutes with franchisees What type of Learning management system is required if you are running institute with multiple company owned centers and franchisees? This question needs to be discussed very carefully. Every Education brand has to provide LMS to their franchisees and centers. There is no-doubt and confusion on this point. But […]

Education Institutes with franchisees.

Education Institutes with franchisees. Why will some one take your franchisees ? If you are very much established and proven brand then some one may take up your franchisee. But beyond brand now more important is how is the franchiser is hand holding and partnering with franchisees will make more difference now.. In educational institutes, […]

Coaching Class : Automate Your Fee recovery through Online Payment Gateway

Online Payment Gateway for your students to Pay course fees Almost every coaching class or training institute spend lots of resources in scheduling and then recovering due installments of student. Student fees are mostly collected in couple of installments as per the agreement between student and respective Coaching institute.   This course fee for every […]