Coaching Class : Automate Your Fee recovery through Online Payment Gateway

Online Payment Gateway for your students to Pay course fees

Almost every coaching class or training institute spend lots of resources in scheduling and then recovering due installments of student. Student fees are mostly collected in couple of installments as per the agreement between student and respective Coaching institute.


This course fee for every student might have some discount, might have different payment schedule and keeping its record and then following up for their payment recovery as per decided is decently big task. This fee recovery is most important, monotonous and non value add task for coaching class and training institutes.

Every educational institute will be happy to reduce time and efforts spent on fee recovery from student. So how do we do it.


Answer to this question is very simple : Automate this with online payment integration.

Automate your student due fee recover through online payment gateway

Automate your student due fee recovery through an online application like Agam Edu.

What will Agam Edu will do for you is following :

  • Easier to schedule course fee installment plan for every new admission
  • Records all this Due fee installment schedule admission by admission systematically
  • Every due fee installment amount and its date is recorded systematically
  • Reminders to students and parent for their due fee installment is automatically trigger from system itself
  • Until Due fee installment is recovered from student, Agam Edu application will keep sending due fee reminders to student and parents
  • In every fee reminder notification(SMS/Email) student and parent will receive an online link. If student only clicks on this link he will be able to pay his due installment.
  • As soon as student pays his due fee installment, Student will get his/her payment receipt cum invoice. Generation of this receipt cum invoice is automatic; No manual intervention is required
  • Student payment will be reflect in application and his balance fees will reduce appropriately and automatically
  • Student login and Admin login of application will show the updated fees with reduced balance
  • Accountant can take out report of due fees and paid fees for every date range.
  • Cancelled admission due fee installment will not trigger any notification

Biggest benefit of this online fee recovery application is that : coaching classes and training institutes will save lots of resources currently occupied in fee recovery from student. Automation will reduce all the human errors. Parents can pay fees from any where at any time as per their convenience. Transparancy and standardization will be maintained across all your centres. Education institute will reduce risk of loosing post dated cheques.


Online Fee collection from student is sign of implementing new technology to your Coaching class or training institute. It gives big facility to your students and parents. Agam Edu keep them well aware of all the due fee schedule. Agam Edu recovers from them on time and Agam Edu get systematic report for you; All of this automatically, without manual intervention and human errors.


This saves your huge cost and gives better picture of your educational institute to students,parents.


Mode Of Online Payment for fees

Students and parents can pay due fees online by logging into Agam Edu Application. They can also pay fees online by going in their mobile application provided by Agam Edu. Students and parents also have option of paying online through a link sent to in payment reminder SMS. All of this online transaction will result to same action and student account will be credited with this paid fees and balance fee will be reduced. Also student can instantly take print of their receipt cum invoice.


Challenges in implementing Online payment integration with educational institute


For every new facility, there comes challenges. You must be aware of these challenges. Currently no online gate, no online transaction is free. Every transaction made has around 1% transaction charges and then GST on these transaction changes applicable. This 1% transaction charges goes to your payee bank, payer bank, Visa/master card provider and payment gateway integrator. All of the above parties  have their costs and margins coming from this transaction charges applied on every online payment done by student. As per RBI circular institute is to bare these online transaction charges and not to be passed on to student.

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