LMS for Educational Institutes with franchisees

LMS for Educational Institutes with franchisees
What type of Learning management system is required if you are running institute with multiple
company owned centers and franchisees? This question needs to be discussed very carefully. Every
Education brand has to provide LMS to their franchisees and centers. There is no-doubt and
confusion on this point. But matter of discussion here is How this LMS should be.
Implementing Learning Management System for your educational institute and its network of
centers and frnachisees is essential but you certainly need following aspects to look in to :
Established LMS : You should choose Learning Management system which is used by many other
training centers. So it is tested, stable and matured to handle your operations. Your LMS developer
knows the key pain points and priorities which you need.
Upgrades and Updates IN LMS : Understand how often is your LMS upgrading itself. How often is
your LMS developer upgrading and updating LMS? Technology updates are ongoing and never
ending process. Market Trends changes and our LMS has to answer and drive these market trends.
User expectations, UX technologies all are improving like never before and LMS we chose has to deal
well with all these changing variables.
Mobile presence of LMS : Your LMS has to have Mobile presence. Now a days students and learners
are spending more time on mobile devices. And delivering your content from their mobile devices
make it far more handy and accessible. Once we have Mobile app on our learner’s Mobile there are
number of this we can track and do with these features. We have access to their location, their
calendar, their contacts, All of this has to be used for benefit of student’s learning experience.
LMS has to be classroom complient : There are various LMS in market. Every LMS is built with
different purpose. There are few for corporate training, few for selling courses online, few for
international markets. But we need to choose LMS which is built mainly for complementing our
classroom academic framework.

There should be different Blog on what LMS features should be required in classroom courses
educational institutes with multiple centers and franchisees

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