Schedule Lecture with Live Class Link

Schedule Lecture with Live Class Link


Now due to Covid 19 Every class and training institute has started taking their lectures on Zoom or Google meet or BigBlueButton. 

With this pandemic around the world, whole scenario of education and its delivery has changed. More and more technology is getting woven inside education delivery, tracking and communication. 

Classes and training institutes are now increasingly using video conferencing tools to deliver their lectures. Some training institutes are using zoom, few are using google meet, some have hosted their own BBB. and then for every lecture they have new link to be created which goes to every student which belongs to that lecture. AgamEdu has now enabled you to share zoom link or google meet link for every class to the class students only…


Before you schedule a lecture in AgamEdu for a batch, you must create link for zoom or google meet and then copy that link and keep it handy. Once you are scheduling lecture inside batches in Agam, you can put that link against that lecture. 


No zoom link is visible to students.


No Google Meet link is visible to students


Students can join the meeting only after lecture schedule time and they will see a button in their mobile app. Which says “Join Online Lecture”. Once they click on this button, the student directly gets inside that zoom session or google meet session. 


Institutes no longer have to share zoom link over whatsApp or SMS.  


Students can login into their AgamApp in mobile, see today’s schedule or upcoming lectures. In front of those lectures they will see “Join Online Lecture” to take part in that lecture.

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