Education Institutes with franchisees.

Education Institutes with franchisees.
Why will some one take your franchisees ?
If you are very much established and proven brand then some one may take up your franchisee. But
beyond brand now more important is how is the franchiser is hand holding and partnering with
franchisees will make more difference now..
In educational institutes, UPSC-MPSC, IT Training, Banking training, HealthCare, School coaching,
IITJEE many verticals are sprawling and Educational institutes training students in these institutes are
increasing everyday. Not just the educational institutes are increasing but the their franchises are
growing in Multiple cities from metros to tire two and tire three cities across India. There are many
brands and every day their frnachisees are increasing daily.
One should consider taking up franchisees based on following points :
1. Course Content : Before taking up franchisee of any educational institute one should be
very carefully examine the course content which Head office is extending to their
franchisees. How often are they updating their Course Content. How strong is their in house
built content. And how is the relevance of that content in current market situation. One
should update their course content minimum once year. So many new things are happening
in every sector. These new development has to reach student.
2. Academic framework : Does the brand provide you with Learning Management System. Do
they help you in assessing faculties and students. Is their regular feedback mechanism? For
students and faculties, How often is academic progress evaluated? Is there central system to
drive academics?
3. Center Management System : Head Office needs to have a strong Administrative tool to
hand hold their frnachisses on day to day operations, like lead generations, enquiry
followups, admission conversion, Students receipting – invoicing, Due fee recovery, Batch
Operations, Lecture scheduling, Attendance, Exam Management. Head office needs stable
and user friendly IT system to standardize these processes, have central control over these
processes, get real time updates about all these operations – transactions at center. These
things help HO to track the progress of every center and franchisees, get real time updates
on market behaviour, Analysis of operations. With this Head office literary becomes partner
with franchisees.
4. Placement Support : Head Office should be providing heavy placement support to all
students from every franchises. This ensures that Franchisees will stick with their Head
office. Students flow will increase and sustain only if there is constant placement support
from Head Office
Head Office has to plan operations and processes for franchisees in such a way that there are more
responsibilities taken care by Head office and as less as possible responsibilities are handed over to
franchisees. This way franchises are more dependent on head office and will stay longer with that
Brand. Keep only admission counselling, Lecture delivery, attendance tracking like these activities at

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