TECHNOLOGY IN TIMES OF COVID – and how it helps in boosting education


A classroom in 1991:- The teacher walks into the classroom with an armful of books. She greets the class and turns to write on the blackboard. Her students, meanwhile, spend most of their time rummaging through endless books and stationery, trying to find the right ones while half listening to their teacher’s words.

Fast forward to 2020:- The Covid pandemic has hit humanity worldwide. People remain closeted in their homes, hugging on to their lives while shops and schools remain shut. The tech savvy generation that they are, kids happily play on their parents’ gadgets with scant regard for what’s happening outside, while parents and teachers alike fret over the waste of their child’s valuable academic year.

Enter Online Education. A special kind of technology based learning methodology that answers parents’ prayers while alleviating the woes of educators to a great extent. A solution that is a definite win-win for everyone involved, as it is easier to keep the attention of a kid focused on a gadget than on a blackboard. Technology offers unprecedented solutions, and hitherto unexplored avenues to enhance the learning experience, not only for students but also for schools and teachers alike. While animation videos and graphics can be effectively used to teach challenging concepts to smaller children, college going students can benefit from explanatory videos that instruct them thoroughly without the need for a mediator. Technology helps everyone follow the norms of social distancing well by converting face to face classroom interaction to online lectures on video-based digital platforms. Such learning becomes more personalized, as students are now able to tune out distractions that are common in classrooms, learn at their own pace by replaying videos or lectures as and when necessary, and are free from peer pressure to perform well in front of others, thereby bringing back a sense of calm and genuine curiosity to learning.


Learning Management Systems developed by experts such as AGAM are now being touted as a one stop solution for schools and colleges alike. Priced reasonably for their end users, it offers customized software that can not only help institutes in tracking admissions, managing fees and monitoring daily attendance, but can also support educators in devising lesson plans, scheduling examinations and handling the daily work flow. It brings a host of benefits over traditional methods of teaching, as LMS based models can ensure more transparency in the parent-school interaction, and facilitate a student guided approach to teaching, that focusses on allowing students to understand concepts deeply, while moving through the pre-designed curriculum at a faster pace.


The biggest benefit, however, is how the world of teaching has transformed into one big platform overnight since the advent of the pandemic. Regardless of subject or region, teachers all over the world have taken to conducting classes online, while continuing to interact personally with their students. While teachers enjoy the benefits of teaching across borders or instructing the wards of their competitors, students now have access to a wider range of specialists, from whom they can pick and choose the ones most suited to them. A French student, for example, can choose to learn directly from a native teacher, sitting in France instead of attending French classes within his locality. The rising cases of Covid has encouraged educators around the world to collaborate on teaching methods with the help of technology, and to use digital solutions to refine education to suit modern day sensibilities and values.


In short, as our day to day life becomes more and more dependent on technology, it makes sense to digitalize the education sector as well, which is not just the most feasible solution during this global crisis, but is also hands down the best way to introduce our future generation to the miracles of the online world!


Schedule Lecture with Live Class Link

Schedule Lecture with Live Class Link


Now due to Covid 19 Every class and training institute has started taking their lectures on Zoom or Google meet or BigBlueButton. 

With this pandemic around the world, whole scenario of education and its delivery has changed. More and more technology is getting woven inside education delivery, tracking and communication. 

Classes and training institutes are now increasingly using video conferencing tools to deliver their lectures. Some training institutes are using zoom, few are using google meet, some have hosted their own BBB. and then for every lecture they have new link to be created which goes to every student which belongs to that lecture. AgamEdu has now enabled you to share zoom link or google meet link for every class to the class students only…


Before you schedule a lecture in AgamEdu for a batch, you must create link for zoom or google meet and then copy that link and keep it handy. Once you are scheduling lecture inside batches in Agam, you can put that link against that lecture. 


No zoom link is visible to students.


No Google Meet link is visible to students


Students can join the meeting only after lecture schedule time and they will see a button in their mobile app. Which says “Join Online Lecture”. Once they click on this button, the student directly gets inside that zoom session or google meet session. 


Institutes no longer have to share zoom link over whatsApp or SMS.  


Students can login into their AgamApp in mobile, see today’s schedule or upcoming lectures. In front of those lectures they will see “Join Online Lecture” to take part in that lecture.