How Agam Technologies uses CRM to gather leads from Social Media platforms for you!

The use of Social Media for lead generation has become increasingly popular. However, it can sometimes become a tough nut to crack.

Imagine the Marketing department of your company is diligently creating and publishing Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and more – all carefully crafted to make the most out of each medium of communication; meanwhile, your potential customers are on Instagram and Google having conversations about your organization. But you are not able to answer them; the main reason is too many social media sites to manage. Gradually, the potential customers will walk away as their questions are not getting answered and lead generation becomes difficult. That’s the worst mistake a company can make in the era of digitization.

How to bridge this gap? The answer is by using CRM.

What is CRM?

CRM is a customer relationship management platform that integrates social media and gives you access to the level of insights required for lead generation, plus the ability to use social tools for communicating internally. With the help of tools, interactive dashboards, and metrics, you can monitor, track and benchmark your social media communications. It even helps to understand the way you think about your customers and your relationship with them.

CRM also helps in enhancing lead generation by making it easy for your business to communicate with potential customers across various social media platforms. Do keep in mind that leads exist on various platforms, and managing them on different apps is like an invitation to chaos. It brings all leads to one platform, where you can collect actionable insight and offer a seamless multi-channel experience.

Why is integration to Social Media important for a CRM?

The first reason is; nowadays, people like to understand more about the products and services they use and the companies they purchase their stuff from. In a recent study by Forrester, it has been noted that apart from checking out Websites, potential customers also prefer to look into their Social Media handles to check the company’s authenticity.

The second reason is the impact of Social Media. We all know that Social Media is alive with prospects that can be converted into leads and later into customers. You might be using various lead generation tools to penetrate that particular platform. For example, Google has Google Analytics, Facebook has Facebook Business Manager, and LinkedIn has LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Yet, it can be very inconvenient to analyze lead generation through Social Media separately on each platform.

As a solution to this, social media integration with CRM brings the data of all leads from these platforms on a single dashboard to reduce the hassle and improve productivity. So, if you have given proper CTAs such as links in posts or bio, swipe-up, etc. CRM integrates them with the SM platforms and serves you all the leads at one place for your convenience. 

Perks of Social Media Integration:

  • Provides greater exposure in the places where your audiences spend their time.
  • Helps to increase engagement and maintain deeper relationships with customers.
  • Higher search rankings and increased web traffic.
  • Aids to identify high-quality inbound leads that turn into revenue faster.
  • Ensures to keep an eye on the efficiency of the marketing campaigns.
  • Possible to target a specific segment of customers through report analysis.

Takeaway message:

To recapitulate, using the right CRM tool helps you identify, attract, track, nurture, and convert your leads to improve your business profits. But it can be daunting to find the right CRM tool for your marketing and sales needs if you’re new to CRM tools.

Fortunately, Agam Technologies works alongside you to help you find the right tools and strategies to improve your lead generation efforts and grow your business. Agam CRM has Facebook integration for lead generation, Instagram Integration, Google Integration, IVR Integration, Website Integration, Chatbot Integration, and Web Whatsapp Integration.

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