GST for Coaching Classes, Training Institutes and Academies

As per the recent changes in indirect taxes across India. All the coaching institute have to be extra cautious. Now Service tax has been replaced GST on all such educational institutes

Whether it is Coaching class or Training Institute or tuitions, If they are making revenue more than 20 lakhs per annum they have to get registered for GST. ANd Implement GST at their institute.

How coaching class, Training Institutes to issue Receipts Cum Invoices to Students under GST :

  • For all the collection and admissions  institute / coaching class is issuing receipts or invoices has to be with their registered GST number.
  • They have to add total 18% GST on their fees. Which includes 9% CGST and 9% SGST.
  • On their every Invoice or receipt to student they have to mention total GST amount and also what is 9% CGST and 9%SGST for that receipt or invoice.
  • They also need to mention their complete address, Registered name of their organization, Basic amount, 9% CGST and 9%SGST, date of receipt / invoice , Total amount, Name of student, Course that he is taking and Center where he will be given training
  • Agam Edu Enables you to print such a GST compliant receipts for students with no efforts

Coaching Classes, Training Institutes having multiple centers across various states


  • Some institute have their company owned centers across multiple states. In that case For every state where they have their centers(owned premises or rented premises), They need to register them self for every state GST separately
  • Training Institute, Coaching Class will be getting different GST number for every state.
  • Educational Institute will have to ensure they put correct GST number in the receipts belonging to that state only. Coaching Classes and Training centers will have to put GST number of given state to all the receipts and invoices issued in that State.
  • All Receipts cum invoices Sr No has to be single series for the given GST number
  • Agam Edu relieves the pressure from you. For your multi state coaching class/Training Institute; while giving receipts Agam Edu Automatically generates separate receipting sequence and automatically adds the correct State Specific GST Number


Course Fees to be reworked Under GST for Educational Institutes

Previously coaching classes and training institute were charging students with 15% service tax on their tuition fees, administration charges, study material, etc… But now from 1st July 2017 onwards, institutes will need to rework that and add 18% GST on all your basic taxable amount. You may have different Fee structures for your different courses, with or without installments, different fees for various centers but all of this has to be reworked with 18%.

Agam Edu help you in adjusting all of this with much reduced efforts. Almost automatic.


Excel Format Monthly GST returns for Coaching Classes, training Institutes

  • Coaching Classes, Training institutes have multiple admissions happening every day. There are Various old students paying their due installments
  • All this collection has to be submitted while filing monthly returns for GST
  • At first it seems difficult and horrendous task But Agam Edu helps you in this.
  • Agam Edu generates Excel sheet shown below with all the formulas and encoding required for GST Network site to be uploaded
  • This Excel Sheet created from Agam edu is created automatically from students collections, receipts cum invoices
  • The format of excel sheet that educational Institute, coaching classes or training centers has to prepare while filling their Monthly GST return is shown in image below. (This can be directly downloaded from Agam Edu)

GST for Training Institutes and Coaching classes has been explained carefully in this blog. Feel free to get connected with Agam Edu to automate and implement GST at your Educational Institute  


GST Input Tax Credit for Coaching Classes and Training Institutes  


Previously all the coaching classes and training institute use to charge service tax to student but now from 1st July 2017, All the training institutes and Coaching classes will be charging GST to their students. Because of GST there are various items on which these institutes will be able to take tax credit. Previously School bags, Stationery items, Study materials, Books and various other objects were under VAT. Now due to GST educational institutes can take ITC(Input Tax Credit)  for all such a purchases. Also various IT services, Marketing Services, Consultancy can avail them ITC. Not to forget but few coaching classes / training institute  wants their faculties,administrative staff and management to travel from one city to another city for institute purpose. All such a travels has GST in their travel fare. Ensure you provide your company GST details while booking your flights, train journey. So your educational institutes can take ITC of these expenses and Save on GST.