Auto Lead Distribution – a big step towards Sales Automation!

Auto Lead Distribution – a big step towards Sales Automation!


Isn’t it exciting when your business is able to generate new leads? Yes, it indeed is. But this excitement can be a bummer when you have to skim through all the leads and cherry-pick a few amongst them that are aligned with your area of expertise. However, like for any other problem, technology is here for your rescue. This time it is in the form of sales automation.


Through sales automation, manual, monotonous, and time-consuming sales tasks can be easily performed using Software, Artificial Intelligence, and other Digital Tools. We all know that leads are like any other resource; what matters is what you do with them. Further, after getting more leads, the chances of losing qualified leads are higher. The sole reason for this is poor lead management. On the contrary, if you automate the task of lead distribution, the leads are assigned to its suitable sales representative and poor lead management would have no place to stand.


So, let’s understand the meaning of lead distribution and why should you automate the process.


Lead Distribution


Lead distribution is the process of capturing, screening, and matching inbound leads to a specific sales person and allowing the business to be even more efficient with distributing leads. There are two types of systems to perform this task; automatic and manual lead distribution systems, each of which involves a phased and standard procedure for lead distribution. In this article, we’ll discuss about automatic lead distribution.


How does automatic lead distribution work?


Automatic Lead distribution involves using software that pushes leads to sales representatives based on the rules the company has formulated. After skimming through all the leads, the software assigns them based on the criteria like representative’s expertise, capacity, or lead’s location. For instance, you might want all the leads from companies with over 3000 employees to go to your most experienced sales representative. An automatic lead distribution system will perform this operation for you every time you receive a lead within this criterion. 


This system is more efficient than the manual lead distribution system because the leads are served to the representatives automatically and they don’t have to do anything once the company has set up the requirements. 


An automatic lead distribution system includes round-robin and rules-based routing to distribute leads automatically to the sales representatives.


Automated Lead Distribution Methods:



  • Round-Robin



The Round-Robin algorithm assigns leads to the representatives on a rotation basis. If there are 10 sales representatives, each of them will receive leads based on where they are in the queue. After completing the first cycle, the next round of leads will be assigned in the same order. 


This system ensures equal opportunity to all the team members and the work-load bias is eliminated. This method is suitable if the company has homogeneous sales representatives – perhaps, a sales team of a one-product company. Since the leads are not assigned as per any specific criterion. 



  • Rule-based assignment



Along with Round-Robin, lead assignment rules can be specified to improve the lead distribution process. Rather than assigning leads on a rotation basis, you can add rules that further define the type of lead to be assigned to each sales representative. 


For example, you may have a rule that says route any lead with a company size of 100 employees to a sales representative with 2+ years of experience. If your sales representatives have different territories, specify a rule that ensures that they receive leads from locations within their territory.


Benefits of Automatic Lead Distribution strategy


  • More efficient than the manual distribution system
  • It reduces lead response time and conversation ratio
  • Helps to monitor the capacity of each sales representative
  • Automates lead screening time of the sales force.
  • Enhanced customer experience as the lead is paired with its suitable representative. 


The Bottom Line


Automatic Lead Distribution System helps the business to reach out to a lead quickly, give the best possible experience to them, and ultimately, close more deals. Proper usage of this software will also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales representative and provide the company an edge over its competitors. 

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