Release 2.15 – Changelog

Sr. No.Feature / ChangeDescription
1Given Edit Topic option to BRANCH ADMIN for completed lecturesBatch-> Batch Schedule. BA will be able to Edit the topics for Completed lecture. BA Will not be able to edit any marked attendance
2Added Column in No. of Hours in professor log sheet ReportThe column “No. of Hours” is added in professor log sheet Report .
3Mon to Sun Calender view instead of Sun to SatBatch-> Batch Schedule->calender view
4Date range filter in pending ChequesFor Account reconcilation tab, Added Date Range selection filter for Pening cheques
5Cancellation Admission with refund optionYou can cancel any admission and give refund amount to the student. Admission List -> From action menu select Cancel Admission, it will ask you for a refund. You can give the refund less than or equal to paid amount.
6Faculty change in lecture scheduleBatch-> Batch Schedule -> Reschedule Batch, You can change faculty for pending or Overdue Lecture
7SummaryReport email weekly to all AdministratorsBranch Summary report will be mailed by system to all Administrators every week. On every Monday , A mail will go on admin mail id through system.
8Course changeIf the course of the student should get changed, what will change in the system
1. Show list of available course from the same branch
2. Don’t allow course change if the paid amount for the previous course is greater than Total Payable Fees for the new course
3. This option not available for students of disabled branch
4. For a new course, the initial paid amount would be the amount paid for the previous course
5. Remove unpaid installment for the previous course if exist
9Attendance Summary Report BatchwiseColumns
1. Attendance id
2. Name
3. Total Lectures
4. Present lect
5. Absent lect
6. Percentage attendance
Filters- Branch, Batch and Date range
Display Batch name and Date range in report
10Add multiple students in a batch for the selected subjectBatch -> Batch Student
Inside Batch student, there is the option of adding multiple students to a batch.
Select a subject from the dropdown and click on Add student. Student List will get displayed who is allotted to the selected subject. Select all the required students. Set Batch joining date and save it. All the selected students will get that batch for the selected subject.
11Admissions->Fee Details, show strike through when Additional Charges are cancelled
12Enable Mark Attendance option to Faculty with updated lecture attendance window
13Change UI of Examination student attendance1. Changed the attendance dialog box .
2. Added drop down box to select attendance on mark attedance option
3. Attedance should have three states, Present, Absent and Not Attending(NA)
4. Once the attendance is marked and list gets displayed in table, added the option of changing attendance
5. Updated Result report tab to display Absent and Not Attending students
6. Made changes in Result Report
7. Admission -> Exam-> reflect not attending status
8. Made changes in Student Login in Admission->Exam and My Examination
9. If marks are saved, then If student is absent or not attending, and can be made present.
but if present student’s marks are given, it should not be allowed to change attendance
14Put branch filter in batchwise balance reportAdded branch filter in batch wise Balance Report
15Test Evaluation ReportShow absent and not attending exam also
16removed admission and payment menu
17Branch wise canceled admission reportDeveloped Branchwise Cancel admission Report
18Batch HistoryAdded Batch History option in Student admission -> Batch
19Disable add followup button for closed inquiry. Even when the closed inquiry is searched from another enq type windowHave done the same for 
1. Edit Profile
2. Register for entrance
3. Cancel Registration 
4. Close Enq
5. Convert to admission
20On dashboard due followup changes1. Remove closed enq from due follow up
2. Show active counts for all the enquiries and admissions(not cancelled)
3. Show active batch count whose branch is not disabled
21Add status column to Enquiry listAdded column with status Active, Closed, Admitted in enquiry list