Release 2.14 – Changelog

Sr. No.Change/IssueDescription
1Print Attendance Sheet link for Over due and Completed Batch SchedulesOnly for Over due lectues added one Option called : “Print Attendance Sheet” after Cancel Schedule in front every over due lecture.
2In Examination detail page, add new tab “Exam Result”We have added Exam result tab in every exam
3Branch wise Fee reportAdd column “Attendance ID” in Branch and course wise fee report
4Add Branchwise Summary for Amout, Tax, Basic Amount to Fee Payment Report in the form of boxes
5Add Admission in Admission MenuAdd a new column at 1st position. Column name=Action. Column Value an Image.
Once clicked Shows popup with multiple actions like
1. NewAdmission Dialog box with student details of that respective row Student Name, Surname and mobile number with disabled fields” also show middle name email id if exist.
2. Enable Disable Admission
3. Delete Disabled Admission
4. Remove Buttons, Enabled Admission, Disable Admission and Delete Admission
Enrollment date and Discount fields should be disabled for counsellor
6Change Button Name of Add Admission to Add New Admission in Admission Menu
7Disabled admissionsChange fees/discount and additional charges buttons should be disabled for on hold admission. Check at the time of search
8Upaid installment creation bug when all fee is paid on 1st time
9Delete topicDelete Topic option should be given to Admin in subject.
Check if the attendance is marked for that topic then do not allow to delete
10Setting- SMS1. Make the sms url field as optional
2. Add Validator on the url field to validate it with URL REGEXP
3. Show SEND NOTIFICATION menu only if the URL is set. Else remove it
11Add Single Schedule BugWhen A new batch is created and A new Batch schedule is added, the system is not allowing it to save
12show batch joining dateShow Batch joining date in admission – batches
13Academic Session wise Admission ReportCreate Academic Session filter for the report. And Show admissions with Academic Session grouping
14Admission->Batch1. Replace Delete column with the Action column
2. Show Image in action column with click handler that shows popup panel
3. Popup panel should have options Change Joining Date, Change Batch, Delete Batch
4. Write Client and server side code for Change Joining Date option.
15Change Batch Option1. In Action Popup Add option to change batch.
2. When it is clicked, show batch allocation window with batches for the same subject except for currently allocated batch
3. Show default joining date as the date which is greater among, previous batch joining date and new batch start date
4. On server side delete the AdmissionBatch association of the previous batch and add it to AdmissionBatchAssocHistory. And add new batch to AdmissionBatchAssoc
16Do not show Cancelled lectures in Calender ViewBatch->BatchSchedule->Calender View
17Batch HistoryIn Admission Menu, Show all the attendance and exam of current and previous batches. Do the same for faculty and students
18Create New Exam BugAdd New Examn->Fill details and Continue. On next page, branches and batches associated with exam subject are shown. Currently, those batches are also listed whose end date is less than exam date.
19In View Attendance in Batch Schedule .. Show schedule details on the topBatch->BatchSchedule->View Attendance dialog
20Change complete UI of MARK/EDIT ATTENDANCE dialog boxBatch->BatchSchedule->Mark/EditAttendance dialog
Show student list with columns
1 Attendance Id
2 Student Full Name
3 Checkbox(By default checked means Student is present)
4 Attendance status(Present/Absent depending upon checkbox state)
21Show AM/PM of time in Batch->Batch Schedule->Calender View
22Show Selected Batch Name on top in Batchwise Fee Report and Batchwise Balance Report
23Let the Admin only have option of REMOVE BATCHIn Admission->batches->action popup
24Reverse the logic of Mark/Edit Attendance checkboxKeep all the checkboxes unchecked and status PRESENT. If checked mark it as absent
25once batch is allotted, branch change should not be allowed for that batch
26remove add student button from batch
27While convert to admission, show the course for which student has enquiredconvert to admission widget.. show course name by default for which he has enquired
28In student login, Admission-> Attendance, show attendance with color highlights
29Modify login page with release 2.14 highlights
30once schedule is added, you cant change batch start date
31Date range selection bugAdmission-> attendance-> select date range