Release 2.13 – Changelog

Sr. No.Change / IssueDescription
1Show the topic name for completed lectureOnce you complete lecture , show the topic name if selected.
Saturday, 18/02/2017 5:25 AM 5:30 AM Alaukik Kotecha Core Java Topic – “topic name”Show in above format
2Edit AttendanceIn Edit Attendance, show the selected topic
3Lecture Schedule menu in Academic cordinatorRemove menu “Lecture Schedule” from academic cordinator
4Branch wise Entrance Registration Report1. Removed Cancelled Registrations
2. Rearrange Amount column before column Payment Date. 
3. Added new columns 1 Cheque no 2 Bank Name
4. Removed column Enquiry No
5Branch Summary Report1. Branch wise, add total counts of all the row for every column
2. Display courses in alphabetical order
6Branch wise Cancelled Receipts ReportBranch wise Cancelled Receipts new report is created
7Export To Excel Button in Batch under Batch Student tabExport to Excel Option is given
8In MyAdmission Menu detail list, add Attendance and Exam tabs same as Admin under AdmissionIn Student login, Show attendance and exam Tab inside Admission
9Total should be correctly placed in reportsIn all the reports, total within that group should be available in the header of that grroup which is currently placed in the footer of that group
10Coursewise summary reports with categoryWe should be developing courses summary report similar to that of the branchwise summary report. But here there should be two grouping first one of Course Category and the second grouping will be of course wise and then the list of all the centers… In every grouping header, we have provided the summation of every column. WHich means total for category and total for the course…
11Insert cheque date column in Branchwise and Coursewise account reportCheque Date column is added in branhwise and coursewise account report
12Design New Login PageWe have Designed New Login page
13Enquiry Follow up Mode Of communicationIn enquiry Follow up Mode of Comunication was not getting saved properly. We have solved that issue
14Enquiry Follow up ReportCreated branch wise Enquiry follow up Report.
15Add Exam button is not visible to branch admin.Add exam button is visible to Branch Admin role
16Admission->profile tab->Address and Parent Details..if the father’s or mother’s mobile number is existing and if one removes that number and tries to save further, the system does not allow empty mobile number field. Now, It will allow
17Summary In Batch-> Batch ScheduleDisplay Scheduled, Conducted and Cancelled lecture counts at the top. Show single box for every count
18Batch-> Batch Schedule-> Add Multiple schduleAdd option checkbox”Apply same time to selected schedules”
19entrance exam registration reportIn entrance program column “Branch name” is visible. The program name should be visible there.
20Add discount after admissionIf i try to increase the discount after admission, then it doesn’t allow me.
Solved that issue and you can change discount after admission
21admission profileaddress and parent details — > state Dropdown show –select– option by default
22Add another installment in Change fees in AdmissionHave added one option as “Add Installment” in change Fees/Discount option
23In Examination add Created by ColumnAdded created by column in examination list
24Uniform date format in reportsAccount report, Enquiry Followup Report, Due Installment Report, Fee report, Branch Wise Admission Report
25Rename Button “Change fees” in Admission to “Change Fees/Discount”